Allow negatives off, but writing history word count still turns negative

That is your opinion. I disagree. Having it tell me how many new words I added on any given day is perfectly logical. Though really, “logical” has nothing to do with it; it’s a matter of what goals a person has. My goals have nothing to do with overall length of all the stories combined, and everything to do with making sure I’m typing new words on at least 1 story daily. Rather I revised out more words from another story is meaningless; the two are separate stories so it’s illogical to count the removed words of one against the added words of the other.

I don’t think that would work anyway.

Actually, it works just fine. Better than fine really. I just made a “cut words” folder outside of my draft folder. I cut & paste words I don’t need anymore into a new doc, then move that doc to the folder and the history remains the same as if the doc was in the draft folder.

Try it for yourself if you like.

It “works” in reverse too: add a doc outside your draft, paste in as many words was you like, and move it to your draft folder. Your writing history won’t change. How Scriv is getting the writing history numbers, I’m not totally sure, but just simply saving the draft word count and running basic +/- ain’t it.

In some ways, this “cut words folder” method works even better than what I was saying at first. Because this allows me to do the revision at any time. I don’t have to do it first. In fact, if the first thing I do for the day is cut/move a large number of words, it messes up the session count (if set to don’t go neg) so it’s better to get some new words first. Not a bad thing really.

Sure, it’s a relatively simple file to edit, found in the Files subfolder, as ‘writing.history’

What edits a .history file? I’ve never even heard of that file type before.

Honestly it might be easier to just keep your own spreadsheet for this though.

Doubtful, since I would never remember to update it. Part of the point of using Scriv is to not need to waste time doing such things manually, or brain power on trying to remember them. Because I won’t. I have severe memory loss problems, I’m only slightly less forgetful than Dory. My own brother compares me to a goldfish (ironically of course, they have better memories than people think & me). I have to always clarify “I don’t remember that” is not code for “that didn’t happen” with people that don’t know me, and that I’m being overly literal with my words.