Allow Scrivener 3.0 Installation To Subfulders of Applications on MacOS

Scrivener 2.5 didn’t complain when installed to a subfolder of Applications. Scrivener 3.0 does. For people with lots of applications it would be convenient to allow such installations without the warning.

I can get around this by making the application invisible and using an alias but this is less than ideal when I turn on show hidden files in the finder.

I figure this would take all of 5 minutes to fix and would please people like me.

Scrivener 3 does nothing different in this regard from Scrivener 2 - there’s nothing in Scrivener 3 itself that would prevent this, so it must be something on your system, or down to one of the many updates Apple has made that makes installing in particular places more difficult. What error message are you seeing?