Allow snapshot-like comparisons of two docs in the Binder

I’ve been reading over various snapshot and versioning related posts here and it looks like the snapshot comparison pipes text out to diff. This works fine for me since I’m generally not interested in tracking .rtf formatting changes, just text.

I’m wondering if this functionality could be added to allow comparisons of two selected documents, not just the same document with a prior version of itself.

Background is that I’m working on a textbook and have pulled years worth of lecture notes and slides into Scrivener - a lot of these are almost the same but have enough small differences that I don’t want to just pick one over the other.

But aren’t your lectures getting better and better every year? Just use the most recent stuff. :smiley:

haha yes of course, always…but there are old examples, texts I no longer use, etc., that still may be useful for the textbook…I teach on the quarter system (10 weeks) so there’s never enough time to cover it all…

Agree that a possibility to compare two text in the binder, snapshot-like, could come in handy not least in these iOS times when you occasionally land up with conflicted documents.

I’d just like to add the perhaps most useful aspect of being able to make comparisons. often I send a doc or rtf document to non-Scrivener users, and get it back with changes made to it. It would be great to be able to just import the changed document into Scrivener and compare it with the original, snapshot-like.

+1 for this. The ability to add a custom diff tool[1] would solve this usecase: Scrivener would simply run an external tool passing two selected documents, leaving the tool to deal with the diff (some handle RTF files for example). Even having a hidden pref would do for this power user specific feature.