Allow zipped Scrivener Templates

Scrivener Templates are basically XML text files with base64 encoded data embedded. However if we want to share these files, because they are text files, browsers want to display them first, and when saving want to append .txt to the filename, some allow you to stop this but others force append. The user may have to then manually rename the file making sure .scrivtemplate is the suffix before importing. See this example, browser shows the plain text first then tries to rename it when you save:

This is fairly minor, but allowing this file to be zipped (or gzipped etc.), still with the .scrivtemplate suffix, would make it a binary file and thus easier to download (many other filetypes like DOCX are just renamed zipped files). Scrivener would allow either the XML or a zipped XML file when importing.

A Theme is a zipped file containing four text files. The same could be true for Project Templates. On the other hand, when sharing, how much trouble is it to just create a zip-file and add a readme.txt?

Yes, this is a minor inconvenience, and yes, we can get the user to manually unzip an archive. But on the other hand, this shouldn’t take Scrivener much work to implement (especially as you mention that Themes are already doing this) and a binary template file would be easier to share and distribute than manually unzipping, or using a text file at download time…

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