alpha setting for the stamp display on cards

I have only just started to experiment with the stamp feature being displayed across cards. Though it is useful to be sure I keep getting distracted by how “bold” the stamp appears compared to the card text – for me it just seems to kind of take over, especially when there are many cards on display at once.

Would it be possible to have an option to alter the opacity value for the stamp text and also maybe the text color used ?


You mean like the “Index card status stamp” colour and “Status stamp opacity” settings that exist in the Fonts & Colors Preferences…? :wink:

Hmm, not sure to be honest. No. What I had in mind was more something that would allow the font and opacity of the stamp to be altered: but to do it in such a way as to be obvious to the more myopically challenged – like me :wink:

Seriously, I was surprised that this feature did not seem to be available – you kind of get like this after using scriv for a few months. Should have known it was me being daft :wink: