Alphabet sort of characters

I’m new here and recently bought the software, however I don’t see how I can do a sort of the characters and get an alphabetical listing? I did do a search here and nothing turned up to help. So, the question is "how can I sort the characters so that they are in alphabetical order ??

Thanks, Bill

Where do you have the list you want sorted? Is it in a document? In the Keywords? In one of the various notes sections, as titles of cards on the corkboard? If in a document, what format is the list in? (I.e., as a bulleted list, a simple list where each line is an entry, etc.)

I’m not sure there is a case where there’s a simple sort by alphabet, but it would help to know where you’re trying to do so.


I am referring to the “binder,” and a folder with characters. I did it manually and still don’t know if things can be alphabetized with a “sort” feature. Haven’t found it, and had to move on :wink: I am a new user but am impressed with the program and it is doing a fine job except for one minor bug. It does just what I need :smiley:

Documents > Sort will do this. Just be aware that it’s a permanent reorganization–you can move the files around manually, of course, but there’s no undo ability and it’s not just a toggle where you can temporarily sort items alphabetically and then restore them to their previous state. (That will be coming, for the outliner, but it’s not implemented yet.) So just be careful when you’re using this option and make sure you really select the container in the binder whose subdocuments you want to reorder!