Alphabetical Order for Documents in Binder??


I know it’s not (sadly) a feature but does anyone know of a way to put into alphabetical order documents saved in the Binder. I have a very large project and want to order them alphabetically / numerically. Dragging them around is almost impossible (and I find it very difficult not to drop some on top of existing documents, creating folders in error). Any ideas? Advice welcome!

Well you can already sort items by container. For example you can click on a folder and use the Documents/Sort/ sub-menu to sort its contents in the manner you choose. Additionally you can sort columns in the outliner, which won’t impact the underlying order unless you select the sorted items and drag them back into the container they came from (or another one, but it’s important to note this is actually moving the items, thus making this a great way to consolidate a search result into a single folder).

Otherwise, could you illustrate what you are looking for with an example? I’m not sure what it means to sort the entire Binder, for example.

Sorry my question wasn’t very well phrased! Even so, you’ve solved my problem. What I really wanted to do was sort the contents of my documents folder, and your advice has done that for me, in a single click! Thanks so much! Actually I Googled a way to do this but found only an old question (from 2005) when someone else looked for something similar: it didn’t occur to me it was there all along.

Thanks so much. This has saved me a lot of messing around and made Scrivener even more useful for similar projects in the future.


You’re welcome! Yeah it’s been there a while now.