Alphabetizing Binder Items

I want to alphabetize the subfolders in one of my Research Binder folders. I saw that this can be done in the Document > Sort menu, but the post stated it is a “destructive” change. Does that mean permanent, as in I couldn’t add to or change the sort manually down the road?

It just means that once its done, it can’t be undone, or rather, that it is not like a sort when you, say, click on the header of a column in the Finder. It takes the files and rearranges them in alphabetical order, so you can’t go back to the order they were in before without manually dragging them around again. But of course you can still add new items and drag them around, and then, if you want to sort them again, you would just use the Sort command again. So “destructive” doesn’t mean anything really bad. :slight_smile:

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Perfect, she says, not confident enough to make anything permanent yet. :astonished:

I’m trying to find a way to alphabetize the folders in my research (I have almost fifty and am still adding more constantly). But when I go to the Document>Sort feature, my only choices are ascending/descending by time posted.

Is there a way to alphabetize?


Where do you see time posted? I only get “Ascending” and “Descending” as choices, and both of these relate to alphanumeric sorting; 1, 2, A, X…

I’m sorry–“time posted” isn’t an option. It’s just I chose “ascending” thinking it would be A-Z, and instead got ascending from the time posted forward.

Have you found a way to use alphanumeric, or did you (like I) assume that’s what “ascending/descending” referenced?

That’s what has me confused. When I choose one of the sort options, I get A-Z, not by time created.

I created a list of test binder items in random order: “five, zebra, alpha, gopher, lima, 50” and then chose sort ascending: “50, alpha, five, gopher, lima, zebra” was the result. Descending was, as expected, “zeba, lima, gopher, five, alpha, 50”. Neither of these resulting lists has anything to do with time created. If it was sorting by time created, my second list should have resembled the first, unsorted list since that is the order I typed them in.

I’m trying to sort the binders/folders themselves. And…

Okay, this time it worked.

Never mind.


Think of it as excellently rapid wish list feature addition.

Don’t worry, it happens a lot around here. :wink:

Thank you for your patience!

For the record, I’ve worked around the purely alphabetical approach by labeing the folders I want at the top with numbers. Ex:


And then let the true “research” items fall into alphabetical order beneath those three.

As I add new folders there is no problem with sorting again, and if I decide there are other folders I want to show up in a certain order other than alphabetical, I’m sure I can work out a 4a, 4b, 4c, etc. system, as well.