What do you get when you cross an Alphasmart with a Kindle?

I also deeply appreciate that this thing looks like it came straight out of a Gilliam flick. :smiley: It just needs a superfluous oscilloscope and a magnifying screen.

No, what it needs is a couple of glowing thermionic valves!

Personally, I’d rather have a (QWERKYwriter) keyboard and an iPad with Scrivener on it. But it’s a matter of taste …

For $300+… ummm… Looks pretty cool, but the price stings.

Actually, A Hemingwrite with auto Scrivener sync would be a great thing to have on the desk…

Typewriter mode with a typewriter, as it were.

An interesting idea, particularly if that epaper screen works for continuously updated text. I’ve got mixed feelings about the look. The practical part I like. The attempt to look 1930s-retro turns me off.

Quite a few details are missing, including how it talks with online services like Google and how it’ll transfer files to a word processor. I also hope, given that long battery life, that it doesn’t have a speciality battery. Easily obtained AA batteries make more sense, especially when traveling.

Also, I wonder about the price. With the Alphasmart Neo selling used starting at about $35, I’d be hard put to justify paying perhaps $200 for a Hemmingwrite. … ition=used

And since I’m not roaming the African savannah on horseback like the original Hemingway, I find writing with my iPad 3 with a keyboard and (hopefully soon) Scrivener far more appealing and just as portable. I’m looking forward to replacing my aging MacBook with that combination, although I do occasionally use my Neo 2 in the woods on sunny days.

–Mike Perry

Okay… I actually pulled the trigger on the Hemingwrite (income tax check’ed it). It will be ready to ship by late Summer through Fall. When I get my hands on it, I’ll revisit to give my thoughts. I think the creators even mentioned something about expanding its exporting to Scrivener. No official confirmation on that, though.

As for, I have to confess looks pretty nice as well.

Prototype is done. They ship this summer: … -prototype


Hemingwrite had been rebranded FREEWRITE… not a big fan of the new name… I think it might have had something to do with the Hemingway “estate” or something-or-other. But the Freewrite is owned by Astrohaus, and their new page is:

I’m still expecting mine to be shipped this Fall.

For those looking for an alphasmart replacement.

Those looking for a way to transfer documents from an Alphasmart Neo (but not the AS3000) to a smartphone or an iPad, might want to check out a gadget reviewed here: … -keyboard/

Here is the seller:

The price has dropped to $39, but that may still be a little steep for some, me included. I only paid about $10 for my Neo2 at Goodwill.

There seem to be others making similar devices, so look around and you might find something cheaper. Feel free to post your successes or failures here.

For those who don’t have an iPad or iPhone, the problem is that, with rare exceptions there’s no way to connect a USB keyboard (and thus a Neo) to one. If you’ve got text on a Neo and need it on your iPad, you have to go through a computer. This will spare you that hassle.

–Mike Perry

Okay… typing this post on my brand new Qwerkywriter. I can’t begin to explain how much I love the feel of this keyboard. It feels so satisfyiong to hear the clickity-click of the keys. When I really get churning on the prose it’s wild and intense. There’s a metallic bar that juts out at the writer platen that not only looks cool, but functions as a “return bar”. It was really easy to get used to and feels natural. It also has a built in stand for an iPad—alas… I don’t yet have an iPad, but as a bluetooth companion to my MBA, it’s boss.

I’m really impressed the creator of this marvel started out with a simple idea on kickstarter, and saw it through to fruition. The price is steep, but I can’t be more happy with my new typing experience.

The Quwerkywriter would make a great companion to Scrivener, or whatever app you choose to use.

*update on Freewrite release date is February 2016.

Looks cute. Those who follow the link might get a kick out of the video opening.

Now that you’ve gone Old School Reporter, don’t forget your green eye shade visor:

Also, why not post a full review? I’d never spend that much money on a mere keyboard, but it’d be nice to hear the details.

–Mike Perry