Also in an endless loop updating a project

I have a very large project +9 gigs that is not updating. I don’t think it is lost or damaged but it isn’t updating at all. I removed the large .wav files from the package contents folder and have tried updating it again, but it isn’t working. I let it work over night (8 hours) and it isn’t updating. Any suggestions. Of course it is the project I need. The rest of my projects are much smaller and seem to have updated without issue.



Please try re-downloading and re-installing Scrivener (make sure it is build 6076 in the Scrivener > About Scrivener panel after doing so). I uploaded a slightly updated version this afternoon that should - I hope - fix this problem.


sounds good! I will try that.


Having the same problem, reinstall did not solve it…

Can you check the build number in the About panel and let me know what it says (the build number is the one in brackets after the version number)?

Also, open up ~/Applications/Utilities/ and see if any errors are generated while the update is happening.

For massive files, it may take a long time, of course.

All the best,

Also endless loop in updating.
Downloaded - again - this morning
Build 6076
Checked console & many errors
Still hanging on updating.

My largest project is @460 mb. Tried to open in 2.0 for the first time this morning & it hung up on updating then started a second update that ran simultaneously. Then Scrivener closed unexpectedly so I filed a report.
My most urgent project [current novel] is 308 mb and hangs up on updating.
So I can’t access either of the foregoing.

I’ve been able to update and access a few very small projects but 15 mb seems to be the magic number. However, this morning a 9.2 mb project hung up on closing.

All applications on my computer are slow now. Everything is very sluggish
MacBook Pro 6,2 - Snow Leopard

Since my 2.0 download, Scrivener just doesn’t seem itself - it’s so lethargic.
Can’t create new projects through the file menu. Tho I did do a save-as and cleared an existing project so I could at least tinker with 2.0.

I still love Scrivener and have confidence that you’ll solve all the issues. As always, it is reassuring that you are so responsive.


Could you possibly have a bad/corrupted pdf buried in there someplace? I have had bad pdfs cause strange backup problems.


And I had a project that wouldn’t update. I opened a new project in 1.54, dragged all the documents over from the bad one, and then that opened in 2, albeit with a long lag on one file; the project in 2 also took a long time to shut down, with the time taken by binder-strings on that same one file. At least I knew which one it was as a result and took a look at it … corrupt UTF header so it came out as gibberish and that was causing the problem.

I know you’ve got a much bigger project, mine was 15MB, though a couple of hundred small files. That one file was enough to throw the system. Incidentally, it turned out that file, which was an original imported .doc, for which there was a second copy that I had edited. The second copy was normal. But the corrupt one never caused any problems in 1.54.

Just a thought.


P.S. And if all applications on your computer are slow, that sounds like problems at system/finder level … I’ve found Scrivener 2 much faster on a revision 1 MacBook Pro.

Could someone please send me a project that won’t update? PM me and I’ll give you my e-mail address. A few users are reporting this but I can’t reproduce it. A 9-10MB file that won’t update would be perfect. Also please let me know what OS you are running (Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard). Oh, and posting the console errors would be helpful too.


Don’t think I have any pdf files in my project - If I do it’d only be one or two. Vast majority are files I created in Scrivener or .doc & rtfd that I imported – admittedly, in my early days of Scrivener use, when I didn’t know what I was doing.

Of course I can’t check that now because everything I even tried to open in 2.0 now - cannot be opened in 1.54 - which, I’d forgotten, is still on the downstairs iMac 2006. When I get a chance, I’ll open one of my archived zip files.

When I try to do anything with 2.0 everything on my computer comes to a grinding halt – dock included.

Now I can’t open anything on Scrivener. It sits for a bit and then goes into fore quit mode.
So, I’ll send this message then shut down and restart to see if that makes a difference.

Appreciate any & all suggestions.

…the file I can’t update is only 109.2mb…kind of leery at this point of proceeding to switch all my work over to 2.0…

…of course, I have one Mac and no longer have Scrivener 1.x…might be a foregone conclusion…

…just tried it again; the “update files” window opened three times in a row, generated three more backup files, kept spinning, and then every other Scrivener project on my computer opened at once…

Remember that when Scrivener updates a file it first makes a backup of the project in the 1.x format, in the same folder. So you will have the original 1.x file, renamed to “[filename] Backup.scriv”, sitting in the same folder.

Still no messages in my inbox… If someone could drop me a line and volunteer a project for me to test, I’ll be able to fix it. Unfortunately without a project that exhibits the problem so that I can see it for myself, I’ll be stabbing in the dark.


I can send you a project. It still doesn’t seem to be working. As soon as I locate your inbox :slight_smile:


and yes, I checked to see that I had the right build.

Hey Keith,

I thought maybe the backup file would open, too…but it won’t.
Scrivener tells me that the file cannot be opened without being updated.

I considered sending my file to you, but, no offense, it’s loaded with all my sketches
and notes for all my fiction projects for the past two years…probably wouldn’t
share it with my best friend…

I think my project is too big. If you have thoughts on how I could share it with you I don’t have anything in it that I am afraid of sharing.




Yes, at 9gigs it is a little - I was hoping someone with a 9 or 10MB file that was failing to upload would send it to me. Could you please post any Console messages that are getting reported during the update process (~/Applications/Utilities/

Also, did you give it a long time to update? At 9gigs, it will first have to make a backup project - copying 9gigs to your hard drive - and only then start the process of updating it. So you will need around 18Gb of hard drive for this and to leave it a couple of hours to go through.


Keith, I have given Ioa (via support@lit… the URL where you can get copies of my project in both the v. 1.54 format and v. 2 formats, with the corrupted UTF file still in place. Given that v. 2 had already attempted the conversion, the v. 1.54 is the back-up that was created in the process. I assume it is identical to the state of the project before the conversion attempt. That mail should presumably still be in the support mail stream; if not, if it’s easier for you than getting it from Ioa I can resend it marked to you. It doesn’t have any PDFs or other such file in it … just imported .docs and .rtfs, though in mixed CJK and English.


Having seen other responses since writing that:

(1) the project is around 18 gigs, I think, though none of the documents inside it is over 100K, I shouldn’t think.
(2) I didn’t leave the project running for hours trying to convert, before I set up a new 1.54 version and dragged all the files over into that before converting that.
(3) The new version had a different name, and a back-up of that was created, so I know the one I have made available through Ioa is the original, not the revised version.
(4) Creating the backup did not cost hours, rather only a few minutes.
(5) The new version with the corrupt document in place converted in something around 10 to 15 minutes, most of which, according to the progress meter, was taken up with the corrupt file, presumably trying to build binder-strings from it.
(6) I knew which file to look for as problematic, as during the process, the progress meter pane gave the title of the document being processed.
(7) I subsequently went into the original project package, traced the file in question, opened it in TextEdit which shows it as UTF-corrupt.
(8) I then unzipped an earlier, working back-up, and found the file was UTF-corrupt in that too. The file in question is a preserved translation as sent as a kind of archive, which I would never have tried to look at, as I always edit a second copy of files. The edited copy is and always has been normal.

Hi Mark,

Would it be possible for you just to send me the corrupted RTFD file, or whichever file had the invalid UTF in it, so that I can test it out in a smaller project? You have my e-mail address. :slight_smile: