Alt + F4 does not exit all open documents

Hey guys;
Scrivener for Windows Beta - latest version:
Windows 10 Pro, ver 2004, build 19041.572

The Alt+F4 shortcut for exit is not working for me:

Open 2 documents.
Use Alt+F4 to exit: Only the current document closes, leaving the 2nd one open as the current document.
If I use Alt+F4 again, or click Exit in the File menu, the program closes.
Now, when I start Scrivener again, only the last document that was open reopens.

If I use the File > Exit method to close Scrivener, both documents close, and will reopen when I start the program next time.

Anyone else have this issue?

I see the same behaviour. Alt+F4 is probably intercepted by Windows and translated to a CloseWindow message before it reaches Scrivener. You can reassign another hotkey to invoke exit. I made Ctrl+Alt+F4 the new hotkey for exit and that works as expected.
Happy writing.

Alt+F4 is equal to File > “Close Project” i.e. close current project Window. File > Exit does not have a shortcut, but you can assign one, and you can assign Alt+F4, although I would not recommend. If you open multiple project and use File > Exit and “Reopen projects that were open on quit” is checked, it might take quite a bit of time every time you start Scrivener to load them all. Usually you should be working with one or two projects at a time, but I do not see a good reason having lots of projects always open at a time.

Thanks guys; I thought that because the shortcut (Alt + F4) was printed next to the Exit item on the File menu that it was the assigned shortcut.
I’ll try Ctrl+Alt+F4 instead.