Alt in Compile Dialog, intermittent fail

Moved from another issue, on request:

Usually it does. However

Occasionally Alt will NOT switch to the save dialog box, but if you tap Alt again, it will work fine.

It acts like something isn’t loaded properly until I hit the Alt key again, and then it loads, but it’s lost the keystroke it loaded for. And it’s only sometimes. It seems related to the first compile of the session, but I can’t be sure. I’ve seen this a couple of times, now, in Beta 14.

I have a little bit more on this. If I do a lot of editing, open the compile window, and press Alt, it might NOT switch to Save mode; I have to press Alt again. I think it’s not my keyboard, because more often than not, Alt works correctly in the context. But sometimes it doesn’t. I’ll keep looking for what I’m doing or have done when that happens.

It works for me. Every time I hold the Alt down it switches to save. No exceptions, on the first try. Have you tried different keyboard?

Near new keyboard by Corsair. Should be fine.

Have you had any luck in replicating this rwfranz? or is it still seemingly at random?

It seems to be that, sometimes, if I start Scrivener without loading any documents, and no other Scrivener windows open, load a relatively large project I haven’t recently loaded, open the compile dialog, and type Alt once, the compile dialog does not switch to “save” mode. Typing Alt again will switch it, and thereafter during that session, typing Alt at that dialog will switch it properly. It does not seem to be related to strength of keypress, or to the position of my finger on the key.

However…sometimes releasing the alt key will trigger the save button momentarily. After that, holding alt the same way works just fine.

Nearly new Corsair K55 keyboard. I’ve got another (rarely used) keyboard I’ll be trying, just to see if it’s a keyboard issue. I don’t think it is, though.

Could it be 3rd party application stealing your key press, like the one with the Compile shortcut that was not triggered on your computer previously.