Alt key accents not working

Sorry if I’ve posted a topic already spoken on - I did scan for similar topics but not very thoroughly.

Anyways I looked up how to do accented characters and the alt key codes supplied, which work fine when I use other programs (like Word) refuse to work on Scrivener - ex, there were two different sites I pulled up, one which had 4 number codes, one which had 3. I want to type é, but with the 4 number code, I kept getting = and with the 3 number code, I kept getting an o with an umlaut.
I checked to see if maybe it wasn’t that Windows Scrivener was using Mac alt key codes…but that didn’t really work out either, since…well, since it’s just not the same.

I’m usin’ Windows 7, by the way.

I’m on WINXP Home and I tried putting in the tilde in Scrivener and it works for me
My process is this:
I use my NUMBER KEYPAD --NOT the numbers on the REGULAR KEYBOARD
press the “num lock” key (make sure the light on your keyboard comes on)

If I want to do the é
While holding the ALT key, press 0 2 3 3

If you want the letter ñ
While holding the ALT key, press 0 2 4 1

And so forth

For the rest of the accented letters (lower or uppercase) look for a list online of ASCII keys and repeat the process

numlock ON (green light on keyboard)
ALT Key plus 0 plus whatever the number your letter needs

Hope that helps