Alt/Opt drag helper

I like how I can hold down the Option key when dragging items to restrain it to re-ordering rather than demoting. That is a task that is frequently obnoxious to do, even in robust, full featured outliners.

How about some more of that magic when dragging a document into the viewer pane. Currently, to open a document, you drag it to the header. I am finding this a useful way to interact with a split Outliner or Corkboard view (in lue of double-clicks). But, hitting the header isn’t always the most efficient thing to do. If I could hold down the Option key and drop that document anywhere in the lower pane to open it, that would be fantastic!

Whilst I agree with you that this would be nice, it’s just not possible, technically speaking; or rather, possible, but incredibly onerous and not-very-Cocoa in implementation. The trouble is that every view has to deal with dragging and dropping on its own. You can’t really intercept that everywhere. So to achieve this I would have to subclass every view used by Scrivener - web views, PDF views, QuickTime views etc, and intercept the drop. At which point I would have to send the info back to the main view so it could draw some sort of indicator…

In the original design (way back before SG), I intended to do exactly as you suggest, but because of these limitations, I took the simpler and more robust route of the header view instead…

I see. Just for future brainstorming 2.0: I wonder if something like this would work: You drag a document and it comes into contact with the header. An overlay pops-up over the contents of the view, essentially maximising the size of the header. It could be a dark gray semi-transparent thing that says “OPEN” in the middle or something. If you’ve ever played with Final Cut Pro, you’ll know what I mean. Dragging clips and such into the viewing area causes an overlay to pop up with various drop-zones for different functions.

And here, Alt/Opt could suppress that behaviour for downward vertical drops where you intend to make a link. Then you have only one area looking for Alt, the header, and this overlay which intercepts the drop before it gets to this massive tangled nest of Maybes beneath it.