Alt + Shift + P for the whole document

Can someone also explain to me how I can set - shift + alt + P - for all pages? So for all pages at once.

My monitor shows that feature in gray.

Thank you in advance for your time and attention!

  1. Make sure the editor is active: that the cursor is blinking somewhere in the body text of the file

  2. Use the keyboard shortcut or the menu selection

The option is greyed out because you are in Scrivenings mode. Turn that off and the option will be live again.

btw, it does affect all pages when turned on.

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Windows can’t render page view in scrivenings? :woman_shrugging:

The Windows version doesn’t do Scrivenings the same way, it is literally a stack of individual text editors, one atop the other, in a scroll view. That’s why when you press Ctrl+Home to go to the top of the editor, it only goes to the top of the section you’re in, and Ctrl+A (Select All) only selects one chunk of text.

So you can imagine how impossible it would be to simulate page layout under those conditions.

I believe Munch was stuck with Windows…

Well, to be fair the particular approach that the Mac is using to jam 200 actual RTF files into a single text editor without destroying them is not easy to do, and it takes a very specific combination of capabilities that may well be unique to the coding frameworks there. Even iOS lacks this capability.

That is why a true Scrivenings mode, like on the Mac, is something quite rare to find. Most tools will at most give you a read-only output (like the iOS version does).

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Yes. One of the pitfalls of Scrivener for iOS, even if it is down to the OS. Perhaps WWDC will change that later on today. Can dream, right?

Quite like the apps that can drag and drop text from the outliner, rather like scrivenings but with all the text in a single file. Sure makes ‘compile’ easier :rofl: and works across OS platforms for editing or reading. Good to have options. Know for certain that I personally couldn’t work on a Windows PC in Scrivener without full-on scrivenings. A must-have feature.