alt [X] funtions

Windows Word is undeniably the most widely used writing software in the world. If I could get a wish it would be that the shortcut keys that Word uses would be the same for Scrivener 3.0 and beyond.

How, given that the two applications have completely different functionality?


While not every command is in there yet, the Keyboard settings tab lets you adjust the default shortcuts, and save and load presets. Why not have a stab at making a Word preset and share it on the forum? To save yourself the pain of having to do it twice, I’d definitely recommend doing so on the beta version.

Otherwise though, good luck. As Katherine says, outside of some common areas in text formatting (editing itself will not be possible to change as that is part of the text engine not the software), you’re going to be facing a wall of features that have no comparison, in these two extremely different programs.