Altering multiple scrivenings at once

Unfortunately, I’m trying to transition from scrivener on Mac to scrivener 3 on Windows.
It seems one can’t select across multiple scrivenings in windows. Honestly that’s kind of a deal breaker already, but then I was trying to change the font of an existing project, and I can’t for the life of me convince scrivener to change more than one subdocument at a time. I have hundreds of documents in this project. Not to mention many other projects which now have their fonts messed up by switching OS. Is there something I’m missing here? Is their a way to apply changes to multiple documents at once?

The steps to accomplish this are explained in this knowledge base article.

To summarize:

  1. Set the project’s default formatting. This will apply to all new documents.
  2. Select & convert existing documents to the default formatting. The knowledge base article calls this “normalizing formatting”.

Try the steps from the knowledge base article and let me know where specifically you have a problem.


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I did get that to work, thankyou
(I swear I tried that before but I must not have had the binder items selected correctly or something, my bad)

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