Altering Text Size in Headers/Footers

I apologise if thiw has been mentioned elsewhere, but I could not find the topic.

Anywho… I am using the blank template and have made a few changes to the size of text to aid my atrocious eyesight, but I cannot seem to find a setting to change the size of the footer settings . The text is so small on my 13iinch screen, I can barely read it.

Is there a way I may change this, please?

If you mean the size of the word count text at the foot of the editor then this cannot be changed. However, the Mac does have a few options built-in that are intended to help those with poorer vision but they can be useful in other situations as well. If you go to System Preferences and then Accessibility, click on Zoom and then check on Enable Hover Text. Now when you hold the command (Apple) key down whilst the mouse cursor is over some text, wherever it is on the screen, it will pop up an enlarged version. The Options can adjust the size of the pop-up.

I know that wasn’t exactly what you were looking for, but it may help.

Thank you, RobG, for the advice. My apologies. I thought I had already responded to this.