Alternate Compile Formatting

Hi guys,

Just wondering — is it possible to format a level differently depending on what type of document its parents are? Here’s what I mean. If I have:

[Document-style container]
—>Document 1
—>Document 2
(Folder-style container)
—>Document 3
—>Document 4

If Documents 1, 2, 3, and 4 are all at “Level 2” position, while the “Document-style” and “Folder-style” containers are at “Level 1,” is there any way to format Documents 1 & 2 differently than 3&4, based on their parent different container types?


No, documents are formatted according to hierarchical position, not according to their parents.
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You could change the sub-documents to sub-folders (since that makes no difference to the text within them) and make the formatting specific to folders at that level.

Thanks nom, that solved the problem nicely. Now if I could just get rid of the “expand/collapse” arrows on the sides of those folders, so I wouldn’t have to look at 'em, and probably get confused! 8)