Alternate dialogue

For me, scrievener would always be the best software for writing, that said, one of the new features of final draft 10, is alternate dialogue, which I think would be very useful, that way one can have diferente versions of one character’s dialogue without loosing one of them, and use them at the end of a rewriting or a workshop session as please.

Have you tried the Snapshots feature yet? Its main purpose is for tasks like you describe, where you might want to experiment with different approaches, without losing your work or ending up a with a host of duplicates. It is granted at the file level, but in Scrivener that means much less than a file would in Final Draft (and don’t forget it is easy to split a scene up into tiny pieces while focussing on it, and then merge it all back together when you’re done). With Snapshots stored in the Inspector sidebar, it’s easy to browse through them and even copy and paste bits that you prefer from them into the main text. You can of course also opt to replace the current text entirely with an older state.

As for dialogue itself, Scrivener barely even has a concept of that. Such a feature would require a more solid mechanism for establishing semantic types of text, and even so in a freeform program like this, restricting such a concept to a single element of a single mode that only some people will ever see would be a bit odd. I think my natural response to such a feature would be, “Why not alternate anything?” (That may not make sense inside the screenplay circle, but as an outsider, I don’t understand at all why you’d only want dialogue and dialogue alone to have this kind of flexibility). Eventually we end up back at a general purpose tool like snapshots that doesn’t really care if you’re writing a screenplay or a commercial airline maintenance manual.