Alternate Editor Questions

Like, What does it do?

And why, in the tutioral, does the search function not find the ‘Alternate Editor’ at all? It finds ‘editor’ just fine, but I can’t even seem to find mention of the ‘Alternate Editor’ in the tutioral.

I’m assuming that the Alternate Editor is a place to put other text documents, but if it is, then why does nothing change on the main window? Is something even supposed to change, or will it only change when I save a project?

Or, is this feature not avialiable yet?

Sorry for all the questions-but any help would be greatly appreicated.

It concerns the other split when you have split the window. If you open a file in the alternative editor, it opens in the split which is not currently active.


Mark … Mac user, but “Platform” doesn’t seem to work for me, and anyway, I wanted to put 9 3/4 as my platform! :blush:


It does! This actually helps me quite a bit.

Now, if only I could drag and drop text files to the non-active side of the split without having to A) click on it to make it active, or B) go through the alternate editor to do so.

Thank you. I appreicate it very much.