Alternate editor


First post. Scrivener is looking pretty good thus far.

Unable to find a nifty way to be able to edit the right editor while preserving the left editor. Currently, changes made to one are also made to the other.

I can simply create a new document and cut and paste all the text to that but it would be helpful to have an easier way to have independent copies of the same text in each editor.

Apologies if this is something that is overwhelmingly obvious.


Duplicate. It sounds like you’re having the SAME document open in both editors. You can duplicate a file (right-click in binder, second option), and have one of those open in one editor, rather than having the selfsame document in both.

:blush: I see that I splitting the editor creates two panes of the same document and it would not be possible for them to be independent ‘unless’ they were distinct documents.

Pointing one editor to a duplicate will work just fine.

Thanks Carradee.

Remember that the snapshots feature allows you to freeze a copy of the document, too, although you can’t open the snapshot in the other editor (yet - coming in 2.0).
All the best,

Hi Keith,

Opening a snapshot in one of the editors would be a very useful feature for rewrites. Looking forward to 2.0.


Snapshots are going to be much more useful in 2.0 in general. :slight_smile: