Alternate\External editor bug

  1. open scrivener
  2. open tutorial
  3. right-click on “Alhambra”
  4. hover over “open” on the menu
  5. click on either “in Alternate Editor” or “in External Editor”
  6. No response

Expected response: “Alhambra” file to open in default Windows editor OR an error message prompting user to set alternate\external editors.

Can duplicate with any file type.

If there’s a way to set these there’s another thread in the Tech support forum: but IMO Scrivener should default to the windows defaults until they are changed.

Windows Vista Home Premium - Fully patched & up to date.

Anyone help on this? :confused:

This still exists as an issue in 1.8

I think alternate editor only works if you are using split editors. Alternate being the scrivener editor window not highlighted in blue.

I’ve played about using split screens, extra Scrviner windows etc. I can’t get it to do anything either with alternate or external editors - I don’t think I’m doing anything wrong. If this isn’t a bug, I would like some guidance on how this feature is supposed to work, but there’s been no response in the Tech support forum either.

This remains a problem in 1.9

Vista Home premium - fully patched.

Same on XP Pro SP3 (using Beta 1.9). Definitely buggy–choosing Open in Alternate Editor should work whether or not there’s a split already (at least, it does on the Mac) and it should certainly work when there is a split. Likewise I get nothing if I try to open in an external editor. Doesn’t matter what the Binder Affects choice is–that always works to open directly in the proper Editor, but the context menu choices for Alternate/External do nothing.

Open With All Subdocuments also does nothing, even on the main Editor.