Alternate scroll insertion point possible?

Standard mode inserts text right down against the bottom chrome of the screen. Typewriter scroll stick the insertion point right at the 50% point. My ideal point would actually be on the low side of somewhere between.

Can’t stand having my eyes glued to the very bottom of the screen, and like the cramped feel of using that very last bit of screen real estate before the chrome takes over (I have issues with chrome anyway), but still prefer to use most of my vertical space seeing text that comes immediately before what I’m trying to type.

Now I’ve come up with a solution in full screen that close enough for government work, but it would be much more useful to have something that worked with the usual binder/editor layout. I’ve found references to such a setting for the Mac version, but there’s no trace of such a thing for Windows. Is there any news about some equivalent functionality for Windows?


At the moment, typewriter scrolling on Windows just sets the line at the halfway mark, as it originally did on the Mac, but we’ll be adding additional options in the next major version. For now you could try increasing the editor margin to provide some buffer without TW scrolling. It would affect the other edges too, but you might find something that would suit.

I already use the editor margin setting. It only effects the sides of the editor window, otherwise, I would already be cool here ;-p

Ah, my mistake, sorry. It currently pads the top and bottom of documents within a Scrivenings session, so I was thinking it would work here and be useful as a kind of sneaky workaround.

I don’t think that setting does much to top and bottom in Scrivenings mode, either, though the mode does seem to have a bit more padding on its own. Its a bit better, and a sneaky workaround. Too bad it doesn’t respond to the margin setting as you’d though, then that would be something.

Thanks for giving it a shot, MM.