Alternate versions of project

I have an a couple interested agents in a project, and wouldn’t you know it, they want a rewrite and resubmit. What is so hard is that they each want something different.

While I know about the roll-back feature, this would be rather complicated as I’d like to keep the original, and then a Version A (for 1st agent), and a Version B (for 2nd agent).

Would this work? I really don’t want to screw up my ability to use the original project.

Use finder to make two duplicates.
Rename them - say, Version A and Version B.
Open and work on the renamed files.

Only I could find myself in such a weird situation.

Yes, that’s exactly what to do. Good instincts.
If you need to save variant versions of A and B, use Snapshots, or Backup Project to…

That’s a good question, but I think I would approach it from another direction. I would duplicate the Draft fork in Scrivener. Just select it and press Cmd-D; name it something useful. Done. Now work on your Draft for Agent A. When finished, select the old original that you duplicated and create another duplicate. Work on that one for Agent B. Now drag all three into the Draft so you have something like this:

     Agent A
     Agent B

To compile, just select one of those top level folders as the focus instead of the entire draft. So what if Agent B turns out to be irrelevant but you want to merge some of those edits?

Snapshots are really more useful on an individual file basis. They cannot save the organisation state of the Binder, nor are they good at handling things like sections which have merged or been forked. It isn’t really what the tool was built for. Text is cheap though, and you can tuck a dozen Draft revisions into an “Old Revisions” folder in the Binder and never worry about them again—or go back and find a choice arrangement you put together for an agent that is no longer relevant.

I think some day it might be nice to have a “snapshots for the binder” type ability that could handle revision forking with more elegance, but that is a problem for which the solution is quite complex, and in the end it wouldn’t offer a dramatically better alternative to the method I just described here.

You could fork entire project files in the Finder, sure, but I really don’t see the necessity for that unless the forks are so massive that large amounts of the Scrivener project not related to the manuscript are deemed irrelevant. If you need 30 labels for one Agent and 30 labels for another agent, then it might be better to fork because 60 labels would be a mess. :slight_smile: If it is primarily just the manuscript that is changing, you might as well keep the common data pooled and synchronised.

wait a minute. Won’t all these methods create a tremendous amount of unnecessary duplication? If you only edit one file or section then you only need to duplicate it, correct?

That said can’t you use amber’s idea on a “file” level basis? Sure you would need to check more boxes on compile, but it would be cleaner overall. Maybe.

   chap a
   chap b
      section b.1
         section b.1 -- orig
         section b.1 -- agent a
         section b.1 -- agent b

The good thing about Amber’s solution, though, is that you can use the “Choose folder” feature of Compile Draft to choose a particular version of the entire manuscript to compile. If you had different versions of documents within the draft, you couldn’t do this.

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I guess it is the systems eng in me.

As always scriv provides multitudes of possible solutions to the problem. Find one you like and try it.

I had no idea Scriv could do this… VERY interesting!

Thanks everyone! The last thing I wanted was to keep two separate word docs. Talk about nightmares and maalox!