Alternative Chapter Namings...

Sorry if this is covered somewhere in the user manual, I was unable to find anything specific so here is my question:

Is there anyway to selectively apply the auto chapter numbering? I’m asking because for the most part it works when I compile my draft but I have a “chapter” that I would like to be my story’s Prelude. So, rather than my Prelude being labeled Chapter One and then all other chapters numbered from there, I would like to set my Prelude as “Prelude” and let all subsequent chapters be auto named and numbered starting with Chapter One.

In summary, instead of:

Chapter One (prelude)
Chapter Two (chapter one)
Chapter Three (chapter two)

I would like to get:
Chapter One
Chapter Two

Thanks in advance for any help.

This might work:

Instead of putting the Prologue into a folder, put it before the chapter folders as a text file, similar to the title page. Format it how you want it to look, including putting the “Prologue” title. Then when you compile it check the “print as is” box.

What some people have done to achieve this is to take advantage of how the Formatting compile pane can apply settings to some levels but not others. For instance you can make text files at level 1, or directly beneath the Draft, look one way, but text files at level 2 format another way. Using this trick, you can give your level 2 files no title treatment (assuming they are scenes) or a chapter treatment, and then leave your level one text files without the chapter numbering. So if you use chapter files (instead of chapter folders with scene files) in the binder you would enclose your chapters in a dummy folder that is set to not be included in the compile; call it “Main Matter” or something. All it does is push your chapter files up to level 2 to use the chapter titling. The prologue then stays at level 1 outside of this dummy folder and thus uses the level 1 formatting you’ve defined for compile.

Or, if you use the chapter=folder file=scene way of working, you can leave the level 2 files with no title at all, and give the folders the chapter numbering prefix, leaving level 1 files with only the title.

Thank you both for the great feedback. I’ll try both of those methods and see which one works the best for me. :slight_smile: