Alternative for 'lock in place'

Hi guys,

With the function ‘lock in place’ (shortcut: alt+cmd+l) one can drag a selection from a file to the binder (making a new file), preventing the editor showing the newly made file instead of the original.

My question: is there also a combination of keys which I can use while dragging the text from a file to the binder that works similar to ‘lock in place’? So no lock-and-unlock but just pressing a few keys while dragging text?


I don’t think there is such a key-mouse combination. But CMD-OPT-L will lock & unlock the editor that currently has the focus, so you could use that to lock, drag & drop, and then unlock the editor, instead of using the mouse to lock. Also, if you are want to create a new document below the current one, starting at the cursor, you can use the keyboard to split the document.

Thanks robertdguthrie, but, as stated, I am aware of the keyboard-shortcut for ‘lock in place’. I also know ‘cmd’+‘k’ for splitting. That is not what my question is about :neutral_face:

The procedure is now: 1. lock, 2. drag, 3.unlock. I would like: pressing a few keys while dragging a text selection to the binder, keeping the focus on the initial editor.


I’ve said before that I shouldn’t post before my first cup of tea. Further proof that my reading comprehension is poor without caffeine. Sorry for missing that obvious bit.

Would Splitting the document work better than dragging? Obviously not in all cases, like when you want to move that text elsewhere besides after the current document, but maybe that’ll work more often than not.

Sorry to say that the thing you’re asking for doesn’t exist; maybe a post in the Scrivener Wishlist forum might inspire Keith to add it.


The strange thing is that it sometimes seem to work as I want, by pressing the Alt key during dragging, just as if I’m copying text. But I cannot find the clue to when it works and when not. :imp: