Alternative formats for ePub (when compiling your book)

Hi Guys, hope you are all well.
I was wondering if there is a section in the forum or website resources where to get different format for ePub to import for compiling my book?

I’m not aware of any alternative compile formats for ebooks around here, but there may be some on the web in general.

You do mention importing though, there is no way to import an ebook into Scrivener in a way that you could use to later compile. You’d need to convert the ebook to a text format of some sort. I would suggest a tool like Calibre for that.

hi Amber thank you for your reply. Maybe i haven’t explain my self correctly.

I’m refearing to this section of the compile window. What i was wondering if anyone is aware of resources to compile your book with a different Formats. Looking at the window I understand format is not the .epub it self, but it is a file that will change how my book, once compile will look like.

Have I understood it correctly?

Yes, you understand correctly. Formats are packaged ways in which to compile a document in different ways. With ebooks it is more limited, but for example if you check RTF and click through the different formats for that file type, you can see how they would change the document’s appearance and so forth.

With ePub, you will most likely want to use “Ebook” in that list, rather than “Default”. The latter will in most cases require more work for you to design the book. That said, for that very reason it can be a good place to start if you already have a design (in CSS) and know enough about Scrivener to create that design from scratch. With “Ebook” you would have to spend a lot more time working around what is already designed, if that makes sense.

But if you’re just looking for a good look that doesn’t require a lot of work to put together, “Ebook” has a variety of different Layouts, what show up in the middle column, to choose from—ways in which to print your chapter headings differently, etc.

So again to answer the main question, I’m not aware of any alternative ebook compile formats around here. It would be nice to see them, but they do take a lot of work to create, especially to make one in mind for public use as opposed to a design made specifically for one book.

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Thank you for your reply AmberV. All clear now. :slight_smile:

Built-in formats are only a start. Customize to suit.

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