Alternative Scrivener Icon


People seem to really like the current icon: I, however, don’t. There’s no accounting for taste :slight_smile:

Anyway, I find it hard to think of the yin yang thing as the thing I write with, so I made a new icon for Scrivener from a picture of an old typewriter. The forum would not let me upload a .icns file so, in order to use this, do the following:

  1. download attachment
  2. change file extension to .icns
  3. Take a look at it to see if you like it
  4. go to the scrivener app, ctrl-click and select ‘show contents’
  5. go to the Resources folder and replace Scrivener.icns in there with this new one (I personally changed the name of the original Scrivener.icns to Scrivener_old.icns first in case I wanted to switch back later)

Anyway I hope this is useful to someone - I, for one, like it much better :slight_smile:
Scrivener.txt (68.1 KB)

Great, thank you. I think it looks better, too. It is more like a writing app icon.

The current icon is cooler than ice cream underpants. Why in the name of Harry Houdini would you wish to fix that which is unbroken? :frowning:

Why indeed? I like the current icon myself; it’s got a cool Yin/Yang vibe to it.

I think that this question was answered in the last sentence of the first section of the original post (yes my english teacher is turning in his grave). To summarize: I know my opinion is not inline with the most of scriv user, but heck, you let vic-k post here…

How often is a summary longer than the original?

It’s not a case of letting Vic post to the forum, it’s simply that no one has yet devised a valid and robust routine for stopping him…



I so wish I had said that.

Vic who?

What flavor?

Thanks to Jaysen for defending my statement - writing isn’t a very balanced or peaceful activity for me and the heavy clackity typewriter is a more neutral metaphor in my mind. By the way, I finally paid for my copy of scrivener after 22 or so days of my 30 day trial - after i figured out how to turn off thumbtacks in the cork-board view :slight_smile: Yes I am a very picky person about certain things.

Then you will fit right in.

Welcome on board and be forewarned, things here are not as they seem not to be.

We defend our developer (the infamously famous KB) and fight about the most trivial things. The big ones we just don’t care about (like actually NOT procrastinating). If you ever need a topic for anything psychological just post. Some psychosis is sure to reply. Although most of them will be vic-k… or wock… or … I guess me.

Anyway, thanks for supporting scriv, KB and this forum. God knows vic-k, wock and I need it. :wink:

To whom it may concern,

As the only half of vic-k, at present capable of logical and reasoned assessment and analysis, of any given situation ( as and when it or they may arise), I find it incumbent upon me, to point out to all and sundry, that the miscreant cavorting all over Scriveners decks, demanding, whilly nilly, that changes be made to cherished and much loved iconography just to suit his/her picky` taste, is nothing more than an opportunist and usurper.

There is only one(ish) littlewoodenguy onboard the Good Ship Scrivener( patently evident from iPhone For a Fiver thread in Nov last; see below)…Le D/Vic-k the fool.

With all due respect…mon cul!!..I would suggest that the current pretender to our crown, seek another and perhaps more suitable name such as little hard faced boy ; little Waffle face, orno originality boy`

I have been known to haunt those who would try my patience!!

Le Directeur :imp:
Photo ip.jpg


Not a fan of this replacement icon but I hope some good alternative icons make their way to the board.

Perhaps we can get a slightly more on-topic thread going for the posting of alternative icons.

alexius wrote:

why? :open_mouth:

alexius also wrote

If you do a search of the forums, I think youll find plenty of time, energy and space, has already been devoted to new and alternative icons and will continue to be, despite the antics of juvenile and dastardly Off-Topickers, whos names shall go unmentioned…well in this post, anyway :wink:

Bonne Chance Mon Ami

Le D :smiling_imp:

Hi. I agree, the scrivener icon looks a bit wrong when stacked up against my selection of elegant mac icons. I tried to download the typewriter one you made, but it came out all neon and messed up. What’s happened?
una. xx

Hrmmph … I think the Scrivener icon is extremely elegant … clean, simple, yet full of resonances. And it stands out among the plethora of over-designed, skewed and same-ish icons that fill my dock — try lining up Swift Publisher 2, Skim, PDFPen and RapidWeaver next to each other in your dock! Basically I couldn’t care much about the icon as long as it’s easily recognised, which the Scrivener one is, and as I keep my dock hidden on the right of the screen, whatever an icon is, even if I don’t actually like it, it doesn’t make my life miserable.

Anyway, a clacky old typewriter icon … that’s going to make you write better?

Complaining about an elegant, functional and distinctive icon – isn’t that just another form of elaborate procrastination? :laughing:

Not to mention wasting time on devising a hackneyed ‘fix’ for something which ain’t broke. :unamused:


It would have to be mint choc chip, for that is the only ice cream worth having…

Alternative Scrivener Icon??? Isn’t that a bit like saying “I have this Ferrari but I’m not too happy with the stallion on the keyring?”