Alternative to Dropbox - WebDAV or Git?

I am aware that iScrivener sync is Dropbox only at the moment. But hopefully this is not the status for the next 100 years. As Dropbox does not comply with the rules of the basic data protection regulation at various levels, our team is prohibited from using the service.

I recommend WebDAV support. Even with this protocol, the use of the file system is very flexible. Another possibility would be Git. Git support would even make a real version management possible. And it also works fine with Mac and Windows.

If the money is not available for an iOS developer, I could imagine participating in a crowdfunding campaign. This would also offer the possibility to adapt the iOS version to the current requirements and possibilities of the new iPads.

What about it?

Since there appears to be nothing about Git in the official support site(, I’m a little surprised this never got an answer. I wonder about it, too. It would seem to be a way around the whole Mac/iOS sync issue, especially if you used an iOS Git client of the quality of Working Copy. Perhaps the forum regulars, understandably tired of re-re-re-answering the “Why no iCloud sync support?” question, didn’t consider this one worthy of response; but I for one would also be interested. Any takers?

Git fundamentally depends on human-based conflict resolution. That is, a human looks at two different versions of a source file and says “yes, version A is what I want.”

The problem is that Scrivener’s component files are RTF, not plain text, and it’s very difficult for a human to make that kind of decision about raw RTF source code.


Although you can certainly keep other kinds of files in Git, that makes absolutely perfect sense. Thanks, Katherine.