Alternatives for SpellCatcher?

One of the greatest shocks of upgrading to Mac OS X Mavericks has been finding that SpellCatcher doesn’t work reliably any more. And following the sad demise of Evan, its author, it doesn’t seem that any upgrade is going to be likely in the foreseeable future.

It’s not just the spell checking I miss, it’s the ability to polish a manuscript: correct double or single smart quotes, remove dud spaces, auto cap the starts of sentences, turn “i” to “I” and give readability guidance.

Anyone found a half decent alternative? Suggestions please.

I have been using Spell Catcher on Mavericks without any problem.

Thank you for the prompt reply Exegete77.

It’ll be interesting to see if others are sharing your success Exegete. (If they do, it’s obviously my setup.)

Scrivener will be impeccably behaved as ever, but what other programs are you using it with?

I use it with Nisus Writer Pro, Mellel, Scrivener, Pages, DayOne, Tinderbox, as well as 3-4 browsers.

I can confirm that I too was pleasantly surprised to discover that SpellCatcher works in Mavericks (and I jumped from Snow Leopard to Mavericks and so was all the more concerned about what might no longer work).

I’m very happy i saw your post (and the responses). I also had trouble with SpellCatcher after upgrading to Mavericks and deleted it after reading about its incompatibility with the latest version of OS X.
I just re-installed and everything seems to be working just fine. I’m more delighted than a magpie in a tinfoil factory.