Alternatives to Scrivener for iPad

Which is why we are discussing this in ‘Software by other folks’. Certainly Scrivo Pro has been on a steep development curve over the last few months. They recently released v. 3.0 closely followed by 3.1 and I am syncing this and using it regularly with a reasonable-size Scrivener project on Mac. The sync via Dropbox is bullet-proof so far as I can see. You can edit from Card view or Binder view, move, add new documents etc. It is also handling non-text material in the Resources folder with ease. The document edit interface is quite powerful with a good range of extra keys as well as a “trackpad” which actually works - editing via the on-screen keyboard not much slower than with an external keyboard. Although the devs say v. 3.00 still doesn’t handle annotations and footnotes I have found that it edits existing (inline) annotations and footnotes just fine - you see them as inline txt strings in curly braces and can edit and sync back just fine. This is on the list for further development.
This app is already a perfectly viable IOS Scrivener editor - like everyone else I am eagerly awaiting L&L’s own offering and it is preferable that there is an IOS app from the team that developed Scrivener and is committed to it long term. But I am using and enjoying Scrivo Pro every day so credit where credit is due.

Given that Scrivener for iOS seems a reasonably short time from a public beta, (Note, I make that comment just from Keith and the team’s public statements, not from any ‘knowing’) I for one wouldn’t recommend anyone waste their money on the band-aid options put out by others trying to hitch a ride ride on the Scrivener name.

There are any number of free note apps that can be used in the meantime to move mobile thoughts to Scrivener.

Since nothing can really replace Scrivener, how about using Paralles Access to use Scrivener on your iPad? It works perfectly and couldn’t be easier to use.

I’m a user of Scrivo Pro on iPad and find it to be very useful as a means for editing and syncing projects with Scrivener on Mac via iCloud or DropBox.

Scrivo Pro captures and retains the entire Binder-folder-document structure, allows complete two-way document editing and syncing (from Scrivener to Scrivo Pro and back), allows for viewing docs within folders as index cards (Pro version only), and allows for entering and editing synopses in index card view. If you place a Scrivener file into the Scrivo Pro folder on iCloud Drive the file opens easily in Scrivo Pro and is synced automatically whenever you close a document in Scrivo Pro. And, if you don’t use iCloud Drive, or would prefer to manually sync your file, then placing the Scrivener file into DropBox is for you. The app works flawlessly, is pretty intuitive and email support is very prompt and to the point.

No, it does not offer scrivenings or many of the other bells and whistles we’re familiar with in Scrivener, but it is a very handy little app for use with iPad due to all the features mentioned above.

Yes, I know the iPad version of Scrivener is due soon, but if you can’t wait, or want a low price alternative (Scrivo runs $10, and the Pro version is $20) with just the basic stuff that actually works, then you might want to give this a try.

Please note that Scrivo Pro’s approach – directly editing the Scrivener project – is emphatically NOT supported by Scrivener. Moreover, completely independently of Scrivo Pro, we have had a number of reports of synchronization errors related to iCloud Drive.

Make sure to keep good backups, preferably in a location not accessible to iCloud, and please read this article, on best practices for using synchronization services: … c-services


Hi Katherine. Thanks for the heads-up that Scrivo Pro’s approach to direct Scrivener file editing is NOT supported by Lit & Lat. I’ve yet to encounter a problem, but that doesn’t mean one is not lurking around the corner – and it’s always good to be advised of the risks. Also, thanks for the reminder that DropBox with local backups is a safer online storage alternative than iCloud Drive.

I have noticed while opening a Scrivo-edited file stored on iCloud Drive that, on occassion, Scrivener updates the index file. Is this an indication of the issue with iCloud Drive generally, or Scrivo Pro in particular?


Updating the search index as needed is normal behavior and nothing to worry about. You’re probably seeing it in this case because Scrivo Pro has made changes that the index doesn’t know about.


To be clear, the Makers of Textilus Pro, are the same makers of Scrivo Pro. It was explained that the Scrivio (Reader, Regular and Pro) and the other apps in their line up, is a horizontal marketing roll out of their apps in a new branding scheme. They tried this same thing with the Textilus lineup, hence the Free, Pro, and Writer incarnations. The new lineup seems to have taken off more so than the initial Textilus incarnations. Basically, as Textilus was a catch all app, the lineup for Scrivo and their verse and speech apps, is tailored to a specific task.

While in the beginning this app (Scrivo) had its faults, they’ve fixed most of their bugs and are currently adding things constantly. Textilus is still supported and updated. It may look like it’s not as frequent, but it is done in intervals. Scrivo apps are updated very frequently.

Overall, pre Scrivener for iOS, the Scrivio apps seems like a good working method of Getting things done in Scrivener for desktop. Post Scrivener for iOS, I plan on extracting all my files from these Scrivo and Textilus apps, and removing them from my devices. Except maybe Scrivo Reader. Since the only reason I got them was to work with Scrivener projects in the first place, in one form or another, once the Official app is released, I’m back to having to only using a few text apps on iOS.

Overall, When Scrivener comes out officially for iOS, depending on its initial price, people will have a choice of apps to access their Scrivener Projects. However, even though Scrivo Reader is free, Scrivo and Scrivo Pro are priced at a rising sliding scale. That price of $10 mentioned before, has since changed. But if you follow on Twitter, you can grab Scrivo Pro for free every now and then.

As mentioned before, Scrivo is a third party app and not supported by lit&latte, so use at your own risk. Especially where backups and direct methods are concerned. I suspect some project errors are being reported to lit&latte, as a result of this third party app. When they should be directed at the makers of Textilus or Scrivo.

Very much this. There has definitely been some confusion in the market, probably due to the similar names. (Purely cough coincidental, I’m sure…)

Scrivo has no connection to Scrivener or Literature & Latte. Any implications to the contrary are false.


Mobile Ulysses (iPhone and iPad) just won a 2016 Apple Design Award. For me, the iPad is my primarily writing (and working) device and Ulysses is a joy. It is wonderful using the split screen function on the iPad Pro with the Apple Smart Keyboard.

… but Ulysses keep everything – all manuscripts, books, etc – within itself, so to speak? They call it “unified library” on their web page. For me that is a big turn off. I easily keep track of all my various writing projects in Finder, and when I work on one specific project I really don’t want to be reminded of everything I’ve written before. Notetaking apps usually have this feature as well, and for small notes it is okay, but not för books or scientific articles. Not for me.

Ulysses does look pretty on the Mac too. But I think it’s the last time it wins an award for iOS. Even a design award :smiley:

Amen to that mate, screams lock-in to me. Nothing beats old school file management using your OS’s filesystem. Sure it can be augmented by online storage.

As convenient as it first seems, I just can’t see myself moving to such a Brave New World.

Apple can also shove their iCloud Drive optimising my hard drive in macOS Sierra right up their arses too.

I, dramatic pause like Ulysses and Scrivener, for different reasons. There. I said it.

As for now, my mind is geared to trying to get things done while on the go go go. I think with both Scrivener iOS and Ulysses Mobile, I will be able to do so, and be more productive. Especially with the fact Ulysses has the ability <snipped by KB in case comment breaks Ulysses’ beta rules>. Oh wait… Does it have it now, or only in beta version?

Um, damn, got confused, don’t think I should be talking about Ulysses beta stuff so I’ll stfu now.

However, I may end up keeping Scrivo and Scrivo Pro around after all. They added name generator, and with both those apps, or two of the three apps, I can read and edit side by side the same scrivener project. However, I plan to keep that limited to idea and brainstorming project files.

What I would like, is for Litt&Latte, shortly after they release Scrivener for iOS, is to release an official free reader version. One that we can’t edit the files, but we can drag and drop our selections into the main Scrivener for iOS app, via side by side or split view.

I wouldn’t use the terms loyal, fan or hype as descriptors. It’s because L&L has earned a reputation. The expectation is, it’ll continually live up to it.

I’m not sure what you’re describing here…

But the iOS Scriv beta works great in split view. An iPad Mini half-screen is still bigger than an iPhone, so…


I have written a response, but considering it’s about the beta, I hope you don’t mind if I post it to the tender beta Section? Or would you prefer a pm?

As I said via PM, probably best to post to the beta forum. That way people more focused on Scriv iOS features than I am will be more likely to see it.