Although I was already looking forward to 3 …

The blog entries covering Compile (especially) have me really excited about version 3.0.

I very much like the idea that compilation options can be defined for a section type (which I had previously been calling a role, just because it’s similar to a concept in Final Cut Pro, something I’ve been doing more work in lately). The role of a given thing in the document, be it a chapter or a part or whatever, that makes a lot of sense to me as far as applying the output formatting via compilation.

The redesign of the dialog is a whole lot simpler, I think, and for those of us who have been using Scrivener for a while it should be a pretty straightforward transition. For new users, however, it should be a significant improvement in making Scrivener easier to understand and use.

The styles feature will be a nice addition, and the new labels view in the cork board looks interesting, but the changes to Compile look excellent, and I’m stoked to try them out. :smiley: