Always Better with Butter! Smooth scrolling in Scrivener...

Hi, if I scroll a document (same fonts / styles copied from Scrivener) in Apple Pages or Textedit, the scrolling is buttery smooth. Scrolling the same document in Scrivener is much closer to Lard than butter, very jerky and lagged… Is this something specific to my machine?

Is there a magic setting somewhere to enable a buttery smooth scroll-mode in Scrivener?

And more importantly, is it time for dinner yet? :open_mouth:

Scrolling for me in Scrivener is just as smooth as any other application on OSX…

Silky smooth for me too (I no butter at our place). Tried with some text and images in Scrivener, then copied into Pages: No noticeable difference in scrolling between the two.

Sounds like there is something about your set-up that is interfering with Scriv. Best deal with that after dinner…

Hm, I wonder if this is a retina display issue (Chrome had terrible scrolling only on retina displays for some time when the retina MBP came out, they ended up rewriting their image cacheing subsystem to fix it), do either of you use a retina macbook?

I’ll have to try at work on my non-retina mac pro.

Hm, I tried to measure frame rates using Quartz debug but it appears to show a fixed 12FPS no matter what. Interestingly turning off 2D hardware acceleration causes no real change for Scrivener (apart from some minor tearing), but has a significant impact for Pages. Does that means Scrivener doesn’t use hardware acceleration?

Pre-retina machine here.
You’ll need to ask Keith about the technical stuff, I’m just a fellow Scrivener user.

I recall that Keith disabled hardware acceleration within Scrivener because it would turn on when viewing whatever kinds of documents triggered it, and then it would stay on until you quit scrivener. This was causing some machines to use a lot more energy than was necessary, shortening battery life significantly and making the fans ramp up to audible speeds.

Thanks Robert and nom.

I’ve tried on my Mac Pro, which is non-retina, and although Scrivener is more variable, it does sometimes get up to 60fps (Quartz Debug is now working). However with the same document in Scrivener and Pages, I get 20fps vs. 60fps on my retina macbook (set to the default “best for display” resolution).

Here is a screencast of the comparison, though as is the case with lots of scrolling glitches, the jerkiness of scrivener is much more noticeable when you’re the one doing the scrolling. Pages uses 10% less CPU too, and neither trigger the discrete GPU as assessed using gfxCardStatus:

I think Paged mode has an impact. So does using “fine kerning”, turning both off and I’m up to ~30fps in Scriv (Pages uses both by default). Twiddling other settings didn’t have any further impact.

Anyway, I can only wait for Keith to chime in. Personally i’d like a “smooth scroll” option (though it maybe that this is only possible with the new APIs in Mavericks?) that would trade resource efficiency[1] for tactile usability…

[1]: though note Pages uses less CPU and no discrete GPU for double scrolling performance