Always check your backups

Probably not literally true, but a pretty dramatic illustration of why backups matter: … L_g0tyaIeE



Why would you ever have a command like RM*? Aarrgh!

Because del is one too many leters.

And stars are fun to look at in monotype. Hee hee! Presses

My favorite was the “senior” unix admin the refused to use fully qualified paths when using rm. he would often sudo to a user that was being removed, assume he was in their home dir, then do a “su rm -rf *”

That seems fairly innocuous on linux and mac as they will dump you to /tmp, but on solaris, AIX and HPUX you get dumped to / and with the su command fronting the rm there was nothing to prevent total annihilation.

Let it suffice to say the he never worked on a production system while on my team.

Am I the only one that does an “ls PATH+WILDCARD_PATTERN”; double check every file in list is trash; prior to “rm PATH+WILDCARD_PATTERN”? Especially so with -rf

Hmm… Probably.

Just for the record, I stopped understanding any around about the point the points stopped being made using animation and background music.

How do you double click that?

You have to be AmberVextrous :laughing:



You can double-click on that, and then middle click to paste.