Always crashes (Compose use)

Alright, my NaNo friends tired to convince me to dump my trusty Pages and give the Scrivener trial a try… At current I can not even get past the basics without this damn thing crashing on me EVERY TIME and I do not know what I"m doing wrong.

OSX: 10.12.6
Latest version of trial.

Seems everything looks ok, but the instant I hit the Compose button and go to the dark grey window I get a glitch the second I try to click on the word count on the bottom center of the window. You know where it says click to get further details? I try to click there, and there is a pop-up window but it instantly vanishes before I can even read what it says. It does this every time I click on it.

After that, if I hit the ESC key to go back to normal view, the instant I start to click on things there (or soon after)… crash occurs.

Someone give me one good reason here why I should abandon Pages and continue my frustrations here with Scrivener… LOL. Believe me, I am TRYING… but can’t even get past the basics here. Was wishing to work hard for Nano but so far I’m stuck at 0 word count because of this.

Oh great, I see the forum doesn’t even allow me to post my bug report as it’s TOO LONG!

I am TRYING here…

You can contact our technical support team via email, too: … tion-email

This is not a common problem, so it might be related to a conflict with something else on your computer. You can restart your Mac in Safe Mode by holding the Shift key when you hear the startup tone. Safe Mode disables all of your startup items, helping to identify the source of a problem like this.