Am I going crackers? or maybe a request... (binder related)

Under Edit > Sort

Am I imagining that in the older version of scrivener there used to be a random sort as well as the ascending/descending options?

Couldn’t find anything online about it, so maybe I’m dreaming of something I’m missing and would find useful.

It’s an edge case I suppose, but would be handy for certain serendipitous idea generation tasks within a folder.

In my view “random” is the opposite of sorting.

In some case, clicking a column header for a third time will order a list in its natural order, mostly the order in which the items were entered in the list.

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Haha, that’s quite true isn’t it, AntoniDol, and not just a semantic view either, quite an important observation.

I’ve just looked at the column headers and can see it has some value. Not exactly what I was thinking, but thank you for your reply.

Sometimes I use Scrivener for a kind of prompt or “bottom-up” idea generation within a folder of many disparate thoughts, materials and references, where those thoughts are quite molecular and there’s a single file for each thought - rather than just storing thoughts in folders, they are working notes if you will.

I guess, “unsort” would be what I was looking for, although I can do this manually in scrivener, kind of like you would with physical index cards in front of you, make a bit of a mess and then piece together an idea or concept from many molecular thoughts with intent, or serendipity if I feel inclined.

I have written external scripts that pseudo randomly pair two or more of those thoughts together and output a new file which contains something to think over and see what dots I can connect with them but this is another process entirely.

What I thought of was to pseudo randomise the contents of a folder and as you “walk” through the folder of disparate thoughts without leaving the writing environment, you start making connections you may never have made if everything was in a linear order, making it quicker to synthesise ideas on the fly

Somehow I thought I had done this before, maybe in the older versions of Scriv, but like I say maybe its wishful thinking on my part.

I know it’s not the main use case for a program like this, although I use scrivener for much more than just linear, writing work, I love it, it’s almost like an extension of my brain.

There is the free-form corkboard view of any given folder, which starts out with the cards in a sort of jumble. That might be a good start, and allows you to just grab them and move them around “at random” without much thought before reviewing them.


Oh my, is there?

Most helpful Rdale.

Thank you will look into this the next time I’m in my study.

Not at all. I often wish I could sort random in Finder, because it would give me a random sample of any size at the top of a list of files.

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But it wouldn’t be Sorting, would it? It would be Randomizing a collection of items.

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It’s an operation that changes order – a sort. In Mathematica (and other programming languages), where I can sort by any field or function, I use Random[].

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Programmatically I guess it is a sort.

Thank you AmberV for “sorting” this into the right section. Funnily enough I have a quote of yours saved in my reference system from you from about 12 years ago. The quote was about transcribing something with a keyboard involving a different set of brain functions than longhand written notes, distraction, and conscious awareness.

To be direct, I guess what I was after, would be

Edit > Sort > Shuffle