Am I the only one whose Linux Scrivener expired on Dec 1?

I went to open Scrivener in Linux today and got an expiration message that directed me here to d/l the new one. I would guess it would be pinned to the top, but I don’t see it even via search.

(I have a Scrivener license for Windows, but I almost always use the Linux version and, wouldn’t you know it, last night I did a bunch of work that I forgot to save up to Dropbox, so I don’t want to open the project in Windows…)

I had the same issue. Just download the latest version scrivener- which is valid untill 1 Jan 2016.

I did not know that. Thank you! I’ll try that.

Hrm…I installed that version, but when I try to open it, nothing at all happens. I wasn’t supposed to uninstall the other version first, was I? I’ve been using the Linux Scrivener versions for a couple of years, and I don’t remember having to uninstall before installing new versions.

No, you installed it the right way. The problem is probably that there are some libraries missing. Please try to start scrivener in a terminal window to see its output. I, for one, get an error about a missing GLIBC 2.15.

Thank you! I’ll try that.

Scrivener did work for you when you installed the missing library?

Sorry guys, not so expirienced linux-user.

Have got the same issue: Starting from icon does not do a thing, but from terminal it gives a list of missing libraries (QT?).

Where to copy these from and to where?

Thanks for help!

I wish I could just keep using the version of Scrivener that was working perfectly for me–at least until I finish my book, which I have to deliver for editing in a couple of months. I tried updating to Linux Mint 17.1, because I figured it would have all the libraries this new Scrivener version might need, but it requires forcing PAE (I’m stuck using a very old machine–a ThinkPad T41) and then the live DVD crashes, so I couldn’t do a fresh install of it even if I considered it safe to do so.

Does anyone know if there’s a way to go back to the previous Linux Scrivener version? (Or does this need to be a separate post?)

Ok, so, here is what I did and what worked for me.

Download the libc package from Ubuntu. E.g.

Open the file and extract all files into an empty directory “glibc” somewhere - e.g. on the desktop.

Locate your scrivener installation directory. On my system, it is /usr/share/scrivener.

Move/copy all the files from the glibc directory to /usr/share/scrivener/lib (i.e. the lib folder in the scrivener dir).

(Maybe create a symlink. I usually do stuff like that in a terminal window like so:

ln -s

Try and start Scrivener.

Since this is a really ugly hack, please do massive amounts of backups of your Scrivener documents before editing them, and preferably also in the first few days. I, for one, haven’t really tested this so manipulated Scrivener and I don’t know if Scrivener still works as intended after this hack. On my machine, it does start and opens my file but that’s all I can say for now.

Happy hacking.

(Edited to update more correct (?) procedure since the first version failed on me later on.)

Thanks, foobarbaz!

What changed about your procedure–anything other than the terminal command?

What sort of failure did you experience?

In the first iteration, I only extracted the libc binary. Scrivener started and loaded my last project, so I though it was okay. Later, it wouldn’t start, though and reported “segmentation fault” so I tried and extracted all libraries from the .deb to make the dependencies work out. That seemed to have helped.