Am I using spellcheck correctly?

Hi all,

I usually spellcheck after exporting to Word so I’m just wondering if I’m doing it right in Scrivener.

I select spellcheck in the menu, but it only highlights one word at a time – no window pops up for spellcheck, and to move on to the next word, I have to use the keyboard command “Command + ;”

If I choose to correct one of the words, this cancels the process and I have to restart it.

Is this the way it is intended? I’m just used to the way it used to work in Word, where there was a dedicated window and I could select things like “change,” “ignore,” and after the selection it would automatically move on to the next word.


If you go to Edit → Spelling and Grammar → Show Spelling and Grammar, you should get a popup similar to Word that will allow you to review all errors within a document and Ignore, Learn, Find Next, etc (all the standard navigations) through buttons in the window.

Thanks, JenT! I knew I was missing something.