Am I using the right version? If so, need a bit of help!

Hi all,

I’ve got v. 1.12b1 of Scrivener running on my computer. Seeing as it is beta, and egads, was released a while back (that’s how busy I’ve been… not a second to write until now!), should I still be using this version? I see that the official download is still 1.11.

Anyway, the only reason I’m asking is because I’m having a bit of trouble getting started. After I choose “new project” from the splash page, I’m taken to the page where I name the project and choose my default directory.

Well, when I choose my directory and hit “open,” the splash screen comes back up, prompting me to choose a new project, open and existing project, etc. I’m guessing this is a bug in this beta version, but again, more importantly, should I be using this version at all? Is there a newer beta available? Or should I go back to 1.11?


  • hoju

Yeah, that’s a little bug that has already been spotted. The splash screen really just gets in the way of the form you were filling out. If you move the splash screen aside, you’ll see the information you have already entered up until that point, and you can keep working on that form. The splash will go away as soon as a project is available.

Beta 12 is stable enough for daily use in my opinion. I haven’t use 1.11 since 12 came out. Scrivener is still in active development, but the next release will be significant, so it hasn’t surfaced yet as a beta. I think that splash screen annoyance is probably the most “beta” thing about it.

Hi Amber,

Thanks very much for the quick reply. I’ll make my way around that little bug then!


  • hoju