Amazon doesn't recognize MOBI file

Have compiled 117,000 word novel using Scrivener’s "Compile for Kindle eBook (.mobi)
Kindlegen previews it perfectly

When trying to upload to publish on KDP I get error message saying wrong file format.
They want the following file types:

Word (DOC or DOCX)
ePub (EPUB)
Plain Text (TXT)
Rich Text Format (RTF)
Adobe PDF (PDF)

What is going on? Is Scrivener compile function out of date??


I re-compiled in ePUB format. That was also considered an invalid file!!

It looks like I am answering my own questions here!
After querying with Amazon it appears I should use ePUB Validator. On using Validator I find we have internal error on both ePUB and MOBI compiles by Scrivener because it provides outdated versions.
Does Scrivener have a comment for that?

The MOBI file is dependant on KindleGen, not Scrivener. Using the latest KG version?