Amazon Look Inside issues

Hi, there!

I’m new to Scrivener, so this may just be my lack of experience–or Amazon’s notorious issues with the Look Inside feature. But…

I exported a PDF version of my novel from Scrivener (version for Windows). Everything seemed hunky dory when I previewed the document, and Amazon KDP showed no errors.

Then I put the book up.

The Look Inside portion is AWFUL. The cover image is too big, and there are no page breaks. (I took screenshots, but I’m not sure how to include them here.) When I download a sample to my phone’s Kindle app, of course, everything is fine. But what customer in their right mind would bother to do that when the Look Inside is so bad?

Has anyone else had this issue? Is it on Amazon’s side or Scrivener’s/mine? What can be done to fix it?? I’m embarrassed by how horrible it looks, and I’m extremely concerned it will affect sales.

Your help is much appreciated!

If you search these forums for the words “Look Inside Kindle” you will see plenty of previous threads where people have discussed the various known issues and how to work around them.

Thanks for the tip! Unfortunately, none of the 60+ posts I could find were having my specific problems with spacing/page breaks and cover image size–at least, not that I saw.

Best I can tell, however, this is an Amazon issue, not a Scrivener one. I’ve got a help request in to KDP, so hopefully that’ll clear things up.