Amazon Look Inside Problems

I noticed a problem with the formatting of eBooks (MOBI/ePub, doesn’t matter) after uploading to Amazon. When the Look Inside feature is used to preview a book, often the fonts are messed up. Turns out that Look Inside seems to be consolidating style sheets so overlaps in the styles is now occurring, which messes up the formatting. I KNOW Amazon should fix this, but fat chance of that in the near term. Is there a workaround in Scrivener to create a single style sheet for an export or some other way to keep it from generating the repeating p.p1,p.p2 css definitions that then are overlapping in the preview?

The only option I’ve found is to use Sigil to clean up Scivener’s output, but that’s a bit tedious. Is there an easier method so I can do it all in Scrivener?

There is nothing that will help from Scrivener’s side right now. We have fixed this for a future major upgrade, though quite by mistake. The idea was to make editing CSS files easier, but then Amazon busted their own previewer in such a way that having one CSS file would be advantageous anyway. :slight_smile: Sorry for the hassle in the meanwhile!

Thank you for the response.

Having the same “Look inside” problem and I did a little digging. I must confess most of the html/css-whatsoever-stuff is glibberish to me, but - maybe - I’ve found a solution … of sorts: compile as an epub. Haven’t done it myself yet …

I’ve heard that before, but sadly, compiling as an epub didn’t work for me. I “fixed” it by politely asking Amazon customer service to please either fix the Kindle preview or use the paperback preview. The Kindle preview was fixed within a day.

Until L&L finally releases the long awaited 3.0, I suspect this issue will remain. :frowning: I use Sigil now to do all my ebook layouts. Takes more time, but allows for much finer control.

While I love Scrivener and have used it for years, you’d think GRR Martin’s much slower cousin was their primary developer.

Many of us would think no such thing, thank you. Good software takes time to write and test, and there is a LOT going on under the hood of the rewrite from the hints Keith has given us. A lot of coordination between the Mac and Windows versions to make it easier for the Windows devs to catch up with Mac (which means going through two different toolsets and frameworks and performing a full-fledged gap analysis and figuring out who gets to write which bit to bridge each gap). Taking over the development of the Scrivener for iOS project. Bug fixing for the existing versions. And above it all, stay gracious and smiling when people make rude, uninformed comments. Frankly, Keith is – like GRRM – an amazingly prolific person who has a lot of projects on his plate and must find time for them all.

The following is just as true for software developers as it is for novelists and artists: … ssues.html

I totally agree, devinganger: Scrivener is still my personal #1. This technical stuff is gibberish to me and I’m thankful for Scrivener releasing me from the misery … 42: the answer of life, the universe and everything … I’m dead certain, that they will fix it, until then: Don’t Panic! and follow Silverdragon’s example …