AmberV where are you?

I posted the request for help below almost 2 weeks ago. Despite 25 views, no one has been able to assist–0 replies–which has led me to make the above plea to AmberV who has come to my rescue so often in the past. Even if the answer is No, please do reply and put me out of my Scrivener misery. Thank you!

I have 108 chapters plus front and back matter in a novel divided into seven parts. I’m thinking it would be a good idea to list just the Parts in the ToC with Chapter numbers (in parentheses–Chapters 1 - 9-- like this) following each Part in the ToC. But I do want to have the chapter headings (Chapter 1, 2, 3, etc.) appearing in the text/actual novel. Is there a way to do this in Compiling for a Kindle ebook?

My reasoning is to do away with the several pages (3.5pp) of Contents listed at the front of the novel so that potential readers can read more of the novel in Amazon’s Look Inside. Note that Amazon does not want you to place the ToC at the back of the book

From what I understand of ebooks, if you click the Title box in the Formatting pane in Compile, it will end up in the ToC. So your only options is to either add all non-ToC titles manually, as part of the text, or to edit the mobi file itself, after compile.
Adding titles as part of the text would probably require having them as separate documents and click Compile-as-is in the Contents pane, to make them look like titles and not text (centered, bold, different font, etc).
Editing the toc in the mobi file is maybe an easier option but require special software.

Would a custom table of contents do what you want?

See section 23.2 of the user manual.

Thank you both for responding. I looked at the Custom ToC section in the manual but didn’t understand the explanation well enough to try anything.
I would think that Keith or someone in his group could tell me in an instant if what I want to do is possible or not. After waiting for two weeks for a reply, this has turned out to be a disappointing Scrivener experience.

Generally speaking, you’ll get a faster response from the Scrivener support team if you email our support address. We glance in on the forums from time to time, but that isn’t our primary focus.

Yes, a custom ToC would be the way to accomplish this. The automatically generated one doesn’t give you this level of control.