American versus British english

Sorry if this is a question to which the answer should be obvious, but I haven’t been able to work out the answer.

The default language for OSX and Scrivener on my system is British English, which is correct. However, I would like to have some projects where the language for spell checking etc is US English. I assume this can be done, but I cannot work out how to do it. One posting (relating to the Windows version) referred to choosing a dictionary via a Tools menu, which I cannot see. Via preferences, I did find a list of languages, but there was no option for US English.


I’m afraid there’s now way to do this. You can change the spell-checking language in Edit > Spelling and Grammar > Show Spelling and Grammar, but it always resets to the default system language when you reopen the project. We agree that this isn’t ideal, but unfortunately it seems that there is no way to use the standard OS X spelling system and have it set per-project - it’s a problem across OS X in apps that use the standard system. (Word uses a custom spelling engine so doesn’t have this limitation.) I’ve been looking for a way to address this for a while, and have submitted an enhancement request to Apple, but it it still outstanding, I’m afraid.

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Thanks. Being able to change it when the project is opened is useful, as OSX is stable enough projects can be kept open for a long time.

I guess that being able to do Cmd-: helps (hadn’t noticed that before). Any way of attaching this to a Toolbar button?


Yes, use the [b]View/Customize Toolbar...[/b] menu command, and drag the “Spelling” icon (the text “abc” with the standard “misspelled word” red marking beneath it) to the toolbar.

Thanks, sorry for not noticing this icon before.