"An error occurred when trying to create a local directory." during Dropbox sync on iPad

I’m getting the following error on my iPad:

“An error occurred when trying to create a local directory. Error: The file [long string of info] doesn’t exist. (The file doesn’t exist.)”

This appears to be happening during the “Downloading file list…” stage of syncing with Dropbox.

I am running iPadOS 14.1.

I am NOT having the same problem on my iPhone (running iOS 14.1), or on the Windows 3 beta, or on my Mac.

Did the project already exist on the iPad, or is this the initial synchronization?

Are you able to create new projects on the iPad and sync them back to the Mac via Dropbox?


These 5 projects (not sure which one is the exact culprit, or if all of them are, or if it’s an issue unrelated to the projects themselves) existed for a long while and I’ve never had problems syncing any of them.

I created a test project and then attempted to sync it, and got the same error. I get the same error if I sync from inside the project and from the full project list.

I deleted Scrivener from the iPad, downloaded it again and then went in to a blank project list (as expected). I then synced with Dropbox and it successfully downloaded all of my projects (including the 5 that had changed and couldn’t be synced in the original issue).

So it looks like there was some kind of error/corruption in the container that holds Scrivener data on the iPad.

If there’s any info that would be useful for me to provide, let me know. My particular issue has resolved with a reinstall.