"An error occurred when trying to create a local directory."

I’ve just downloaded Scrivener for iOS so am just getting to grips with it. I’m having an error message as follows: “Sync failed. An error occurred when trying to create a local directory. Error: The file “Files” doesn’t exist. (The file doesn’t exist.)”

Steps to reproduce:

  • On Mac (latest version of Scrivener, OSX 10.11.6), create new project.

  • Enter a simple line of text in default draft file.

  • Save project in Dropbox > Apps > Scrivener.

  • Wait for Dropbox to upload files.

  • On iPad (latest version of Scrivener, iOS 9.3.4), click Dropbox synch/refresh button.

  • Error message as above appears.

  • Click OK

  • Project appears in list but with red x next to Dropbox.

  • Can’t open project (error message: “The project cannot be opened because it does not contain a valid binder structure file.”)

Apologies in advance if I’m doing something wrong (!). If you need any more info, let me know.

Oh - never mind! I realised that I just needed to CREATE a project on the iPad first. Once I did that, everything synchronised just fine.

Glad you got it sorted! There is actually a small bug here whereby when you first link Scrivener on iOS, it isn’t creating the folder on Dropbox, only locally. This is the cause of the problem - it’s then trying to download the folder which already exists locally. As I say, this is a bug that occurs when you first use Dropbox. It resolves itself, as you’ve found out, but I will fix the underlying problem in the next update.

All the best,