An excellent replacement for Webstractor

In addition to being an awesome writer’s toolbox, I’ve found Scrivener to be a handy-dandy substitute/replacement for the now (unfortunately) defunct Webstractor. For those who don’t know, Webstractor was an app developed by Softchaos (also apparently defunct) that could capture web pages, make them editable, and save them either as web archive files or PDFs. I found it a great way for capturing tutorials, articles, or news, editing out all the ads, buttons, and other extraneous garbage, and saving them as PDFs for printing and showing to my students. Webstractor actually used the same WebKit rendering engine as Safari and operated much like a web browser. While Scrivener doesn’t go that far (yet), I can select an entire web page and use Clipping Services to capture the contents to a new clipping in Scrivener. I can then dig out all the cruft, reformat it as needed, and save it as a PDF or keep it in my Scrivener project file. In fact, that’s how I discovered how well it worked - I was using the clippings to stash some articles in the Research folder and once I saw how I could pick and choose the parts of the page I had captures, I was a happy clam!

Thanks for the tip. I sure do miss Webstractor. I have been using Yojimbo as a substitute.

Haven’t heard of Yojimbo - I’ll have a look at it. Thanks for the heads-up.

I recommend you also take a look at Together, which in a different form use to be KIT (Keep It Together). Personally, I like the UI better than Yojimbo and I find the drop tab that resides on the side of your screen very easy to use. Also, its one of the programs that best seems to handle getting files back out in the same format they went in. IMHO.

Wow! Together looks pretty cool - I’m surprised I haven’t heard of this app before. I’ve been using Notetaker as my kind of catch-all container - it does pretty much everything both Together and Yojimbo do, but it doesn’t have an easy-access, categorized interface; it’s a strictly notebook-style metaphor. On the plus side, it has an embedded Webkit-based browser, so any entry you bookmark as a link can be displayed in the inline browser as well as a text entry.

For all of any of these apps offer, they still fall short of Webstractor’s unique ability to transform web pages into printable or more coherently laid-out pages :frowning:

I stand corrected - Together does offer some of the formatting features I’m looking for - similar to what Scrivener can do, but also providing that scrapbooking/catchall function. Thanks for the heads-up!