An export checkbox to remove double spaces.

Dunno if that’s doable.

Wouldn’t it be better to just remove altogether from your source documents those typographic monsters? In which case, Search & Replace is your ticket.


P.S. I used to be a double-spacer, but I got rehab and never looked back.

I’m not quite sure to be honest. I was thinking that rather than going back and having to constantly s/r for double spaces, spaces at the end of a line and blocks of empty lines at the end of every document (and I’m not sure how to do that with search and replace, so if anyone has any ideas), then it might be easier to remove them automatically at compile time. The other thing is that perhaps some people prefer to edit with double space because it makes things easier to read, even though they prefer single spacing on the output.

I used to be a double-spacer myself, but I’m working through the program, taking it one step at time, one day at a time. I have a wonderful sponsor; she’s coming up to her anniversary; ten years since she last hit the bar twice in a row.