An extra space after almost every paragraph? <b16>

For a long time, I’ve assumed it was my own fault, e.g. the result of splitting a paragraph in two.

But no, that’s not it. Almost every paragraph in 90 000 words has an extra at the end of it. I’m pretty careful about how I end my text before hitting , so I refuse to believe it’s all me.

These extra characters may or may not affect the final output, but it bugs me. I like my text clean.

I believe there’s a tool to clean up this sort of thing built into Scrivener, but why not make sure the things don’t pop up in the first place?

Out of curiosity, are you using any styles in this project? And if so, is there any correlation between the styles used and paragraphs that contain extra spaces?


I have one custom style in 2 scenes out of 50.

Except for a few paragraphs using that style, everything is No Style.

BUT, I have modified the default editor style (Options->Editing->Formatting) to fix the problem where Segoe UI is replaced with Arial.

And are you able to replicate this in a separate project? Or has it just affected this one?

I have only 2 projects, one large and one tiny.
But I can confirm I’m seeing the issue in both of them.

Would you be willing to send us a copy of your tiny project? We may be able to find a setting or option that is causing this problem. You can send it to with a link to this thread.

Thank you for your help with tracking this down.

Hope it helps :slight_smile: